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Numéro de sérieD1U4
CategoriePower Management => AC-DC Controllers/Converters
DescriptionFront End Power Supply Combines High Efficiency And Power Density To Save Energy And Space In Distributed Power Architecture Systems
Murata Power Solutions has introduced a new family of AC/DC Front End power supplies that deliver bulk power with high efficiency of up to 90.9% and high power density up to 17.9W/in3. The D1U4-W series is housed in a 1U low-profile package and is offered with output power of 1600 W (220VAC) or 1200W (110VAC) and main output voltages of 12V. The new units are ideal for use in servers, network equipment and other distributed power architecture applications.
SociétéMurata Manufacturing Co.
DatasheetTélécharger D1U4 datasheet
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  • The a 1200 Watt, power-factor-corrected (PFC) front-end power supply for hotswapping redundant systems. The main output is 12V and standby output of either or 3.3V. Packaged in 1U low profile, it is designed to deliver reliable bulk power to servers, workstations, storage systems or any 12V distributed power architecture systems requiring high power density. The highly efficient electrical and thermal design with internal cooling fans supports reliable operation conditions. The D1U4-W-1200 is designed to auto-recover from over-current and over-temperature faults. Status information is provided with front panel LEDs, logic signals and I2C management interface. Three units can be packaged into an optional 19" 1U power shelf to provide 3.6kW of power.


    n RoHS compliant 900W (110Vac) Output power n 12V Main output, or 5V standby output n 1U sized; dimensions n 13.4 Watts per cubic inch density n N+1 redundancy capable, including hot-docking n Active current sharing on main output n Over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature protection n Internal cooling fans n I²C Bus Interface with status indicators n Optional x 19" power-shelf

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    Input Voltage Operating Range Input Frequency Turn-on Input Voltage Turn-off Input Voltage Maximum Input Current Inrush Current Power Factor

    Low Line AC High Line AC Ramp up Ramp down Low Line AC 90Vac High Line AC 180Vac Cold start between 0-1msec Output load >90% Output load >50%

    Voltage Set Point Accuracy Line and Load Regulation Ripple Voltage & Noise1 Output Current Load Capacitance Voltage Set Point Accuracy Line and Load Regulation Ripple Voltage & Noise1 Operating Range Load Capacitance Voltage Set Point Accuracy Line and Load Regulation Ripple Voltage & Noise1 Operating Range Load Capacitance

    1 Ripple and noise are measured with uF of ceramic capacitance and uF of tantalum capacitance on each of the power supply outputs. The output noise requirements apply over to 20 MHz bandwidth. A short coaxial cable with 50ohm scope termination is used.

    Remote Sense Efficiency Output Rise Monotonicity Start-up Time Transient Response Current sharing accuracy (up 6 in parallel) Hot Swap Transients Hold-up Time

    220Vac 90.6 Overshoot less than 10% for all outputs, no voltage negative between to 95% during ramp up AC ramp up 1.5 PS_On activated 150 12V Ramp 1A/s, 50% load step ±600 3.3Vsb Ramp 1A/s, 50% load step ±165 5Vsb Ramp 1A/s, 50% load step At 100% load All outputs within regulation Max. load, nominal Vin 20 ±10

    Storage Temperature Range Operating Temperature Range Operating Humidity Storage Humidity Shock Sinusoidal Vibration MTBF Acoustic Safety Approvals Input Fuse Material Flammability Switching Frequency Weight

    30G non operating 500 Hz operating Calculated per Bellcore Ta=30°C 200 Demonstrated 200 ISO 7779-1999 c-CSA-us (CSA 60950-1-03/UL 60950-1, First Edition) TUV approval (Bauart) EN 60950-1:2001

    Power Supply has internal 20A/250V fast blow fuse on the AC line input UL 94V-0
    90KHz for Boost PFC Converter 165KHz for Main Output Converter 200KHz for Standby Output Converter
    Over-temperature Over Voltage Over Current Over Voltage Over Current Over Voltage Over Current
    Insulation Safety Rating / Test Voltage Isolation Material Flammability Grounding

    Input to Output - Reinforced 3000 Vrms Input to Chassis - Basic 1500 Vrms Output to Chassis Output to Output UL 94V-0 Main Output Return and Standby Output Return are connected internally. 100k resistor parallel with 100nF capacitor is connected between Return and power supply chassis. Main Output Return should be connected to the System Chassis.


    No AC input to all PS Power Supply Failure Main Output Absent Power Supply Good PS-ON, PGOOD, ACOK, PS_BAD, FANFAIL, OT Warning & shutdown, AC Range 12V OV, 12V UV, 12V OC, Vsb Fail, Fan1 Fail, Fan2 Fail 8 bit scaled output voltage 8 bit scaled output current 8 bit scaled output current 8 bit scaled output current

    Harmonics Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker Emission Conducted Emission Radiated ESD Electromagnetic Field Electrical Fast Transients/Burst Surge RF Conducted Immunity Magnetic Immunity Voltage dips, interruptions

    IEC/EN 61000-3-2 IEC/EN 61000-3-3 FCC 47 CFR Parts 15/CISPR 22/EN55022 FCC 47 CFR Parts 15/CISPR 22/EN55022 IEC/EN 61000-4-2 IEC/EN 61000-4-3 IEC/EN 61000-4-4 IEC/EN 61000-4-5 IEC/EN 61000-4-6 IEC/EN 61000-4-8 IEC/EN 61000-4-11

    Class A, 6dB margin Class A, 6dB margin 4kV contact discharge 8kV operational air discharge 15kV non-operational air discharge