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Numéro de sérieCF350-A48C
CategoriePower Management => AC-DC Controllers/Converters
DescriptionOpen Frame AC/DC Power Supplies Are Among The Industry\'s Smallest 200W & 350W Switchers
The CF200 and CF350 switching power supplies utilize advanced component and circuit technologies to deliver some of the industry’s smallest 200W & 350W switchers. Both offer universal AC input (85-265VAC) with active power factor correction (PFC) and compliance to worldwide safety and EMC standards.
SociétéMurata Manufacturing Co.
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  • Description courte
  • 350 Watt High Density AC/DC Power Supply

    Input Voltage Operating Range Input Frequency Turn-on Input Voltage Turn-off Input Voltage Maximum Rated Input Current Inrush Current Power Factor


    n 350W compact high density n Active load current share n Universal AC input with Power Factor Correction n Ruggedized U-channel construction n RoHS compliant n Includes ORing diode for N+1 parallel operation n International regulatory approvals

    Voltage Set Point Accuracy Line Regulation 48V Load Regulation Ripple Voltage & Noise1 Output Current Peak Current Voltage Set Point Accuracy Line Regulation Load Regulation Output Current Peak Current Ripple Voltage & Noise1

    Factory pre-set at ±100mV For Vin (min) to Vin (max) For load changes from zero to full load 20MHz Bandwidth


    The CF350-A48C switching power supply utilizes advanced component and circuit technologies to deliver one of the industry's smallest 350 Watt switchers. Built to meet 1U height considerations, the U-Frame package measures only x 1.40". The CF350-A48C offers universal AC input (85-265VAC) with active power factor correction (PFC) and compliance to worldwide safety and EMC standards.

    Remote Sense Efficiency Start-up Delay Rise Time Transient Load Response

    48V output: Compensates for voltage drops to 0.5V between the power supply to the load. Outputs are internally sensed at output connector if remote sense lines are opened. 230Vac, full load 115Vac, full load Output voltage at 90% For load change 75%, at slew rate of 1A/µs, recovery time less than 2ms Single wire current share a N+1 parallel redundant configuration with OR-ng diodes included in the PSU Available 110Vac, full load Voltage change at turn-on and turn-off ms %

    Current Sharing Accuracy Hot Swap Hold-up Time Overshoot and Undershoot
    1 Ripple and noise are measured with 10 µF, in parallel with 0.1 µF ceramic capacitors.

    Storage Temperature Range Operating Temperature Range Temperature Coefficient Cooling Operating Humidity Storage Humidity Altitude Vibration MTBF Safety Approvals Input Fuse Switching Frequency Weight

    Non-condensing -25 85 Derating linearly to 70°C with 50% derating 70 150W free convection cooling (base plate cooling). 350W forced air cooling (250 LFM min.) Non-condensing 95 % Non-condensing 5 90 Operating 10,000 ft. Non- operating 40,000 ft. Three orthoganol axes 1octave/min, 5 min dwell at four major resonances at 0.75G peak, to 500Hz Calculated per Bellcore 332, issue 6 specifcation Ta=30°C 300 Khrs

    UL 60950, CSA C22.2-234, Level 3, EN-60950, Class 1, SELV CE-Mark Power Supply has internal line fuse: Replaceable subminiture type 6.3A 250Vac Normal Blow 90 720g max (27oz)

    Over Temperature Over Voltage Over Current

    Shutdown due to excessive internal temperature ± 5°C automatic recovery. Outputs shut down 125% of nominal (Latched Shut-Down) AC input must recycle to re-start. 48V output: 130% of Imax, constant current limit; automatic recovery. Long-term fail condistion shall not cause damage to PSU.

    Insulation Safety Rating / Test Voltage Isolation Material Flammability Grounding

    Input to Output - Reinforced 3000 Input to Chassis - Basic 1500 Output to Chassis UL 94V-0 Output RTN's not connected to chassis gnd. 48V RTN and 5V RTN shorted.


    Active high, all output shut down. Open collector active low when any of the outputs drop below 10% of its nominal value.

    Harmonics Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker Emission Conducted ESD Electromagnetic Field Electrical Fast Transients/Burst Surge RF Conducted Immunity Magnetic Immunity Voltage dips, interruptions

    IEC/EN 61000-3-2 IEC/EN 61000-3-3 FCC / EN55022 (CISPR 22) IEC/EN 61000-4-2 IEC/EN 61000-4-3 IEC/EN 61000-4-4 IEC/EN 61000-4-5 IEC/EN 61000-4-6 IEC/EN 61000-4-8 IEC/EN 61000-4-11

    CLASS 6 dB Margin ­ with an external line filter Type 03SS-P-Q By High Lan or equivalent 4kV contact discharge, Performance Criteria B 8kV operational air discharge, Performance Criteria B. 1kV for AC power port, 0.5kV for DC power I/O and signals port, Performance Criteria B 1kV differential mode and 2kV common mode 3 Vac, 80% AM, 0.08-1kHz, Performance Criteria A 3 A/m at 50Hz, Performance Criteria A 20% reduction for 10ms - Criteria B, 60% for 100ms - Criteria C, 90% reduction for 5000ms Criteria C.

    48V Ishare 48V +RS 48V -RS DC Fail active low Return +5V standby None Inhibit DC Fail active high None