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Numéro de sérieZXMN3F318DN8
CategorieDiscrete => Transistors => FETs (Field Effect Transistors) => MOSFETs => N-Channel
DescriptionUal 30V, Low On Resistance, 4.5Vgs Gate Drive Rated MOSFET Packaged In SO8
ual 30V, low on resistance, 4.5Vgs gate drive rated MOSFET packaged in SO8
SociétéZetex Inc.
DatasheetTélécharger ZXMN3F318DN8 datasheet
  • Description courte

  • 30V SO8 Asymmetrical dual N-channel enhancement mode MOSFET

    This new generation dual Trench MOSFET from Zetex features low on-resistance achievable with low (4.5V) gate drive.

    Low on-resistance 4.5V gate drive capability Low profile SOIC package
    DC-DC Converters SMPS Load switching Motor control Backlighting
    Device Reel size (inches) Tape width (mm) Quantity per reel

    Drain-Source Voltage Gate-Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current VGS=10V; TA=25°C (b) VGS=10V; TA=70°C (b) VGS=10V; TA=25°C (a) Pulsed Drain Current (c) Continuous Source Current (Body Diode) (b) Pulsed Source Current (Body Diode) (c) Power Dissipation TA =25°C (a) (d) Linear Derating Factor Power Dissipation TA =25°C (a) (e) Linear Derating Factor Power Dissipation TA =25°C (b) (d) Linear Derating Factor Operating and Storage Temperature Range THERMAL RESISTANCE

    Junction to Ambient (a) (d) Junction to Ambient (a) (e) Junction to Ambient (b) (d) Junction to Lead (f)

    NOTES (a) For a device surface mounted 25mm FR4 PCB with high coverage of single sided 1oz copper, in still air conditions. (b) For a device surface mounted on FR4 PCB measured t 10 sec. (c) Repetitive rating 25mm FR4 PCB, D=0.02, pulse width 300us ­ pulse width limited by maximum junction temperature. (d) For a dual device with one active die. (e) For a device with two active die running at equal power. (f) Thermal resistance from junction to solder-point (at the end of the drain lead). Issue 1 ­ March 2008