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Numéro de sérieAT91CAP9E
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DescriptionAT91CAP Customizable Microcontrollers
The AT91CAP9E is a standard ARM9-based microcontroller for use with FPGAs providing easy migration to a custom AT91CAP9 microcontroller one-chip solution. It is based on the integration of an ARM926EJ-S processor with data/instruction caches, 32K bytes of fast ROM and 32K bytes of SRAM memories, together with a wide range of peripherals and an interface to an external FPGA.
The AT91CAP9E embeds a USB High-speed Device, a 2-port USB OHCI Host, an LCD Controller, a 4-channel DMA Controller, and one Image Sensor Interface. It also integrates several standard peripherals, such as USART, SPI, TWI, Timer Counters, PWM generators, Multimedia Card interface, and one CAN Controller. It also features an external memory bus (EBI) capable of interfacing with a wide range of memory devices.
The AT91CAP9E is built around a 12-layer bus matrix, allowing a maximum internal bandwidth of twelve 32-bit buses. Its distributed DMA architecture enables multiple data transfers to take place between t
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    500,000 Gates/250,000 Gates Metal Programmable Logic (through 5 Metal Layers) for·

    AT91CAP9S500A/AT91CAP9S250A Respectively Ten x 36-bit Dual Port RAMs Eight x 72-bit Single Port RAMs High Connectivity for Up to Three AHB Masters and Four AHB Slaves Up to Seven AIC Interrupt Inputs Up to Four DMA Hardware Handshake Interfaces Delay Lines for Double Data Rate Interface UTMI+ Full Connection to 77 Dedicated I/Os

    The Atmel® AT91 Customizable Microcontroller Processor (AT91CAP) concept allows customization or ARM9TM platforms by adding specific peripherals and/or digital logic into a Metal Programmable Block (MPBlock). The AT91CAP is separated into two different areas: 1. AT91CAP hard part: A fixed area containing the ARM® processor, the ARM system, the internal memories and several peripherals described in the AT91CAP datasheet. 2. MPBlock part: Metal Programmable area dedicated to customization and using only the metal levels of the technology. The User Guide shows the capabilities for customization of the AT91CAP9S500A/AT91CAP9S250A based on a concrete example. The customization example includes the following objects:· An AHB2APB Bridge creating a dedicated APB bus inside the MPBlock· An AHB Peripheral DMA controller· An APB Debug Unit (UART) connected to the Peripheral DMA Controller· An Internal RAM Controller using the dedicated MPBlock RAM blocks The User Guide first describes the AT91CAP9S500A/AT91CAP9S250A database in terms of directories and logical design structure. It then guides the user through the complete AT91CAP9S500A/AT91CAP9S250A customization flow using the given example.

    Customizable Microcontroller Processor AT91CAP9 MPBlock User Guide Summary

    NOTE: This is a summary document. The complete document is available under NDA. For more information, please contact your local Atmel sales office.

    MPBlock Test Wrapper 10x CLOCKS CAN, MACB, OHCI ENABLE MPBLOCK 500K Gates (CAP9500) 250K Gates (CAP9250) DPR 512x36

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