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Numéro de sérieTDA7560
CategorieRF & Microwaves => Amplifiers
DescriptionLinear Regulators For Aerospace
Rad-hard adjustable negative voltage regulator
SociétéST Microelectronics, Inc.
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    3 A low dropout voltage Optional overtemperature and overcurrent protection Adjustable overcurrent limitation Load short circuit monitoring Adjustable output voltage Inhibit (ON/OFF) TTL-compatible control Programmable output short-circuit current limitation Remote sensing operation Rad-hard: sustains 300 krad Mil-1019.7 at High & ELDRS low dose rate conditions Heavy ions, SEL immune at 68 MeV/cm²/mg LET ions


    The RHFL7913A adjustable is a high performance Rad hard negative voltage regulator. Available in FLAT-16 and new SMD5C hermetic ceramic packages, it is specifically intended for space and harsh radiation environments. It provides exceptional electrical performances, high speed and low dropout voltage. Input supply ranges from V. It also provide logical control / monitor functions (inhibit, output monitor, short-circuit control) from/to external positive voltage signals, while the entire RHFL7913A adjustable analog functions are biased at negative voltages with respect of ground pin. The device is QML-V qualified with SMD 5962-02532.

    ADJ pin. 8 Inhibit ON-OFF control. 8 Overtemperature protection. 8 Overcurrent protection. 8 OCM pin. 8 Alternates to. 9

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