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Numéro de sérieSTPS30L60C
CategorieDiscrete => Diodes & Rectifiers => Schottky Barrier Rectifiers
DescriptionSchottky Barrier
Power Schottky rectifier
SociétéST Microelectronics, Inc.
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    Low forward voltage drop Negligible switching losses Low thermal resistance Avalanche capability specified


    Dual center tap Schottky rectifiers suited for switched mode power supplies and high frequency to DC converters. Packaged D2PAK, I2PAK and TO-247, this device is intended for use in high frequency inverters.

    Parameter Repetitive peak reverse voltage RMS forward current Average forward current 110 °C Per diode Per device Per diode Per device Value + 175

    Surge non repetitive forward current Repetitive peak reverse current Repetitive peak avalanche power Storage temperature range

    Maximum operating junction temperature Critical rate of rise reverse voltage <
    condition to avoid thermal runaway condition for a diode on its own heatsink
    Parameter D2PAK, TO-247 Per diode Total Per diode Total Value °C/W Unit

    When the diodes 1 and 2 are used simultaneously : Tj(diode P(diode1) x Rth(j-c)(Per diode) + P(diode 2) x Rth(c) Table 4.

    Parameter Reverse leakage current Tests conditions VR = VRRM Min. Typ. Max. 0.75 0.7 Unit µA mA
    To evaluate the conduction losses use the following equation 0.42 x IF(AV) 0.009x IF2(RMS)
    Average forward power dissipation Figure 2. versus average forward current (per diode)
    Average forward current versus ambient temperature = 0.5, per diode)
    Normalized avalanche power derating versus pulse duration
    Normalized avalanche power derating versus junction temperature

    Non repetitive surge peak forward Figure 6. current versus overload duration (maximum values, per diode) D2PAK, I2PAK)

    Non repetitive surge peak forward current versus overload duration (maximum values, per diode) (TO-220FPAB)