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Numéro de sérieSTMPE821
CategorieSensors => Touch Screen
DescriptionTouch Sensors
8-bit Xpander Logic™ with touchkey controller
SociétéST Microelectronics, Inc.
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    to 8 GPIOs to 8 touchkey capacitive touch inputs Operating voltage 5 V Internal regulator Interrupt output pin I2C interface (1.8 V operation, 3.3 V tolerant) 8 kV HBM ESD protection 40 fF resolution, 128 steps capacitance measurement (5.0 pF dynamic range) Advanced data filtering (AFS) Environment tracking calibration (ETC) Individually adjustable touch variance (TVR) setting for all channels Adjustable environmental variance (EVR) for optimal calibration Capacitive key sensing capability 25 A sleep mode


    The is a GPIO (general purpose input/output) port expander with integrated capacitive touchkey controller, it is able to interface a main digital ASIC via the two-line bidirectional bus (I2C). A separate GPIO expander is often used in mobile multimedia platforms to solve the problems of the limited amount of GPIOs typically available on the digital engine. The STMPE821 offers great flexibility, as each I/O can be configured as input, output or capacitive sensing keys. The device has been designed with very low quiescent current and includes a wakeup feature for each I/O, to optimize the power consumption of the device.

    Mobile and smart phones Portable media players Game consoles
    Order code STMPE821QTR Package x 1.8 mm) Packing Tape and reel

    This is preliminary information on a new product now in development or undergoing evaluation. Details are subject to change without notice.

    1.3 STMPE821 block diagram. 6 Pin assignment and function. 7 STMPE821 typical application. 8

    Power schemes. 13 I2C interface. 14 Register map and function description. 16 System and identification registers. 18 Interrupt controller module. 21 GPIO controller. 26 Capacitive touch module registers. 28 Basic PWM controller. 42

    10.1 10.2 PWM function register map. 44 Interrupt on basic PWM controller. 48
    Maximum rating. 49 Electrical specifications. 50 Package mechanical data. 51