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Numéro de sérieNS3121
CategorieRF & Microwaves => Transceivers
Description160 Nm GSM/GPRS Quad-Band CMOS Transceiver System-on-a-Chip With DigRF Interface
160 nm GSM/GPRS Quad-Band CMOS Transceiver System-on-a-Chip with DigRF Interface
SociétéNanoAmp Solutions, Inc.
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  • 160 nm GSM/GPRS Quad-Band CMOS Transceiver System-on-a-Chip with DigRF Interface

    True Quad-Band Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE Capability 160 nm CMOS Compatible with High-Value Digital Baseband Cores Full DigRF 1.12 Interface Compliance Optional Polar TX Architecture Ultra Low Power Digital Radio Architecture Full Support for Multi-Slot GPRS Class 12 Full Multi-Mode Block and Stream Support Directly Set TX and RX Frequencies Using ETSI ARFCN Words Ultra Low Deep-Sleep Mode Current Integrated Digitally Controlled Crystal Oscillator Integrated VCO, Synthesizer, and Loop Filter Digital Low-IF Receive Architecture Single Supply Operation from 3.6 V

    Fully Integrated Single-Chip GSM/GPRS Radio SoC IP Core No TX SAW Filter Reduces eBOM and Board Area Highest Level of Integration Enables Lowest Cost and Lowest Board Area Possible Ultra-Low Power Consumption CMOS Provides Enhanced Battery-Life DigRF Interface Simplifies Overall Chip Design and Interface with Baseband Core


    GSM/GPRS Fully Integrated SoC Baseband and RF Transceiver ICs GSM/GPRS Quad-, Triple-, and Dual-Band Data Mobile Phones GSM/GPRS Quad-, Triple-, and Dual-Band Embedded Applications

    NanoAmp Solutions, Inc. 2465 Augustine Drive, Suite 108, Santa Clara, CA 95054 Phone: 408-235-8800 Fax: 408-235-8880 email:

    The NanoAmp is a quad-band CMOS GSM/GPRS System-on-a-Chip transceiver IP core targeting GSM850/EGSM900 and DCS1800/PCS1900 GSM/GPRS voice and data applications based on single-chip fully integrated radio solutions. Targeted for monolithic integration with high-value baseband processor cores 160 nm mixed-signal CMOS processes, the NS3121 integrates a Class 12 GSM/GPRS transceiver and DigRF interface to enable a low-cost single-chip total radio solution. By employing an innovative and unique CMOS architecture, the NS3121 delivers superior performance while achieving power requirements far less than similar SiGe or BiCMOS transceiver solutions, thereby extending battery-life. Full integration of the transmitter, receiver, and synthesizer with the baseband eliminates to 50 external components, minimizing board area, cost, factory test-time, and design-in time. The transmitter section is based on a direct-launch architecture optimized for superior GSM and GPRS performance while eliminating the need for expensive and area-consuming TX SAW filters. A fully integrated TX modulator and power ramp control coupled with programmable TX gain settings ensure optimized efficiency and compatibility with a broad class of PA FEM solutions. With fully integrated quad-band LNAs, the receiver line-up employs a low-IF architecture to eliminate acute issues associated with zero-IF receivers. Programmable channelselect filtering enables signal quality and RX sensitivity optimization. The NS3121 core also features a synthesizer that accepts ARFCN words to set TX and RX frequencies directly from the baseband core, eliminating the need for complex baseband programming found in other SoC transceiver solutions. Polar TX is available as an option. The NS3121 IP core is optimized to integrate directly with high-value GSM/GPRS baseband cores. By fully integrating all transceiver and baseband functions on one die, the NS3121 provides lower eBOM costs, reduced board area, and increased battery-life in a low-cost SoC form-factor.

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